The Salzburgring

In the midst of hills and forests – only a few kilometres outside the festival city and in the immediate vicinity of the Salzkammergut – the hearts of motor sports enthusiasts have been beating faster since 1969. Triumphs and tragedies lie close together in the speed chase between the Nockstein bend and the paddock curve. The first “Austrian Grand Prix” for motorbikes took place in 1970. Since then the Salzburgring has become a venue for more than just racing: music festivals, driving safety courses, development rides, vehicle presentations and so much more.

From curve to curve

Chicane after start-finish

By far the slowest and narrowest part of the track. Most of the time is won under braking here. You have to keep the car straight and brake as late and precisely as possible. Every centimetre by which you miss the braking point is lost on the exit.


This slightly banked corner is often underestimated: the most common mistake is to enter the corner too directly. Instead, you need to position the car well in advance and get back on the throttle as soon as possible to use every inch of track on the exit of the bend.


The long uphill straight is, strictly speaking, a series of turns that, in the best case, is always driven at full throttle. In the race, there are some real slipstream battles here. Because of the slipstream, however, it is almost impossible to break away from the field.

Paddock Curve

Among racing drivers, it is loved and hated in equal measure: At the fastest point of the track, you really need to turn in here. The ideal line moves from the far left to the far right and back to the left again. Overtaking on the outside is possible, but defending drivers have to ‘play along’.

Chicane before start-finish

This chicane actually consists of three bends. If you want to be fast here, you have to act like a skier: always think one gate ahead! Because if you’re going too fast in the first corner, you may well end up in the gravel bed by the third.

About the circuit




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